Growth & Transition

Our specialty is in helping companies during a period of transition or change – be it rapid growth, preparation for succession or exit, capital restructure or adapting to different circumstances.

Globalization, post GFC financial realities, ageing populations and the constant innovation of technology are only some causes of a constantly evolving business environment.

With so much continual change, organizations must constantly adapt and the ability to manage change is essential.

Organizations that respond quickly and strategically can create significant competitive advantage, while the companies that refuse to change get left behind. This can result in drastic profit and/or market share losses.

Managing in a period of transition requires 5 key elements:

  • Understanding the nature and potential impacts of change;
  • Identifying action priorities and resource requirements;
  • Allocation of appropriate resources – both financial and human;
  • Internal cohesion, with the commitment and support of all management and staff;
  • External strategies – marketing and supply-chain strategies.